Just HOPE, Inc was originally founded in January of 2010 as a North Carolina non-profit business by Krystal Dumas, and has officially been a registered 501c3 non-profit organization since January 1st, 2013. Just HOPE, also known as JHI, first started as a mobile food pantry; serving those who lacked reliable transportation in order to get to valuable resources and services. The population predominantly served then consisted of those who didn’t qualify for traditional assistance, such as food stamps or Work First. The mobile pantry is still in operation and delivers to an average of 150 families monthly along with emergency cases on a day to day basis.

In the past two years, JHI has grown by leaps and bounds in order to meet the ever-growing needs of our community; including assisting those that are homeless. The homeless population in Davie County has been overlooked for a long time. Families are going through hard times and falling through government program cracks. These families are living in multi-family households with unsafe sleeping situations, living in motels, sleeping in their cars, and even residing in tents where ever they can find a vacant space of land. When you are faced with the challenge of not knowing where you’re going to sleep at night AND you are hungry, it’s overwhelming. Until JHI started the Homeless Prevention Program in 2013, there was no assistance in our county for the homeless. They had to vacate to neighboring counties to seek shelter because Davie County didn’t have any resources or agencies dedicated to helping this population; mainly because most people thought they didn’t exist. They DO exist and slowly but surely, these families are being assisted by JHI in finding permanent shelter…somewhere to call HOME.

While these families transition to their own home, they need assistance with many different things. JHI assists with food and hygiene items, job search, budget building, agency referrals, case management, substance abuse referrals, and counseling. Until they locate permanent housing, JHI’s home office acts as their mail center, a place to use the phone and receive important messages, and an escape from the harsh weather conditions during the day. After they find housing, JHI assists with furniture, clothing, and household items from our in-house thrift store. We offer HOPE where it is needed most.


Just HOPE Hero Spotlight

Just HOPE board member Mike Gunning wins the 2017 E.C. Tatum Humanitarian Award.

The award is named in honor of E.C. Tatum, "A Man of Vision" who personified the commitment to Davie County for over thirty-five years. Each year, the Davie County Chamber of Commerce seeks nominations of candidates who embody the essence of Mr. Tatum through their volunteer and philanthropic efforts for the betterment of the Davie County community. Congratulation to our Board Member, Mike Gunning, for winning 2017's E.C. Tatum Award!

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